Secretary Leila de Lima said Ruby Tuason said she got 1.5% referral fee for every Napoles deal in 2004. This was confirmed through her sworn affidavit that has something to do with the pork barrel controversy in the country which is one of the hottest issues.

Leila de Lima said that according to Ruby Tuason, it was she who introduced Napoles to Enrile and Estrada due to the request of Mrs. Napoles. We know for a fact that Ruby Tuason was a former social secretary of ex-president Joseph Estrada.

De Lima says that Evidence from Ruby Tuason is Slam Dunk Evedince to Pork Barrel Scam

Because of this statement, there are so many things that were exposed to the public. Theissue on pork barrel scam wherein the names of Enrile, Estrada, Revilla and others are involved is something that is talked about in the country today. And since there are statements coming from Ruby Tuason that may help solve the issue, the Philippine government right now is in the hot seat because of the claims that a “circus” might happen that will involve passing of responsibilities to each other with the alleged pork barrel scam.

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