There is a speculation that the names David Tan and Davidson Bangayan are one. These names are involved in the rice smuggling in the country and considered as big time. An investigation shows that the two are the same because David Bangayan admitted that he uses the name “David Tan.”

Jesus Arranza’s documents submitted to Justice Secretary Leila de Lima is the basis of such claims. He is the Chairman of the Federation of Philippine Industries. In order to prove true this claim, De Lima and Arranza met earlier. This is to prove that the National Bureau of Investigation is correct with its position that Bangayan and Tan are one.

Documents show David Tan and Davidson Bangayan are One.
The evidence that Arranza and de Lima are holding is that Bangayan did not deny during the court hearing in Calamba that the he is also David Tan. He also faced smuggling case before filed by a Singaporean firm. That was the time when he was known as David Tan as well.

Last week, Bangayan went to the DOJ and NBI in order to deny that he was David Tan. And in order to prove this, he has shown a birth certificate and driver’s license in order to prove his identity. Because of the evidences shown, he was released by the NBI while there is a pending investigation. This also has made a way for the NBI to ask access over Tan’s records of electricity and the like.

Rice smuggling is one of the biggest problems of the country. We have to stop this before it stops us.

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