History of GMA7

Formerly known as  DZBB TV Channel 7, RBS TV Channel 7, GMA Radio-Television Arts then GMA Rainbow Satellite Network), GMA Network is owned by GMA Network, Inc. Everything started with Loreto F. de Hemedez Inc. through DZBB. This is a radio station that started airing on March 1, 1950 and launched in Manila. Robert La Rue “Uncle Bob” Stewart owned this. He was an American correspondent in the Philippines. 

During the Martial Law, President Ferdinand Marcos closed media establishments including GMA and this is one of the darkest moments of the company. It took place on September 21, 1972.  Because of this, there were so many changes that took place in the company and it aired once again on the succeeding year carrying the name GMA Radio-Television Arts but still carrying the Republic Broadcasting System as its corporate name which lasted until 1996.

Discovering GMA7 Channel 7 the Review

One of the most unforgettable moments of airing done by the station is during the assassination of Benigno Aquino Sr. who was opposing the Marcos regime. There was only a few attentions given to the funeral and GMA Network aired it. This is the only local station that did this.

Programs of GMA7
GMA’s programs are nowadays’ favorites in the Philippine television. One very interesting thing that the management of GMA has been doing ever since the start of their attempt to conquer the Philippine television with their unforgettable programs such as the primetime shows Forever in My Heart, SOP Gigster, Pinoy Pop Superstar, Bitoy’s Funniest Videos and many more is that the company is not contented with being just a mediocre station. They want to be the best, if possible, at the top. And with this appeared programs such as Pinoy Abroad, Darna, Dyesebel, Super Twins, Trudis Liit and many more.

The company is also consistent in terms of bringing fair and comprehensive news for everyone to watch. 24 Oras is still airing in the station nowadays along with Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho which is patronized by millions of Filipinos around the world because of in depth documentary on issues concerning the society that highlights so many values of the Filipino culture.

Reviews about GMA7
This company went through so many ups and downs. There were so many turning points in GMA’s programming and these proved that the company can still exist in the midst of these difficulties. Nowadays, the network is dedicated to serving the Filipino people with GMA Kapuso Foundation that reaches out to those who are in need of help across the country.

The company has filed lawsuits against its counterparts ABS-CBN and TV5 and that brought the network under controversy. The competition is there and it cannot be avoided in the industry. But no matter how tight the competition is, the network will still do its best to provide quality programs to watch. And not only this, the network is also doing its best to as much as possible be fair in terms of news reporting and giving insights on different issues, especially with regards to the government.

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