Your childhood will never be the same without Cartoon Network to entertain you with a variety of cartoons to watch, mostly western cartoons. Turner Broadcasting System, a Time Warner division owns Cartoon Network which is an American based satellite television channel aiming children at ages 7 – 15 as viewers. Though this age bracket is the aim of the network, it also connects to teenagers and even older people. It shows that the influence of Cartoon Network is not just for the youngsters but also for the old ones who would like to look back into childhood days.

Though the launching of Cartoon Network was announced by the owner Turner Broadcasting System on February 18, 1992, it was moved to October 1, 1992 hosted by MGM. Rhapsody Rabbit was the very first cartoon on Cartoon Network which featured Bugs Bunny on Merrie Melodies which was directed by Friz Freleng. Though this is so, Cartoon Network is not the very first cartoon channel on cable that made use of cartoon shows to increase audience because on 1980s Nickelodeon did this. Anyways, the success of Cartoon Network nowadays in bringing entertainment to children of the above age bracket is undeniable.

Discovering Cartoon Network the Review

During the first few years of the network in broadcasting, the famous shows were The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest, Cartoon Planet, SWAT Cats, 2 Stupid Dogs and The Radical Squadron. It was the years when the network needed to simulcast their shows on TNT in order to attract audience. Eventually, the audience increased. And it was in 1996 when the network expanded because it merged with Time Warner. Though the network experienced several controversies and censorship, the network eventually expanded its territories with the sister networks Adult Swim, Toonami and Boomerang. All these contributed to the success that the network is enjoying today.

Cartoon Network is not just a channel for cartoon series but also for movies and video games which makes is very significant in this generation. You might have your own personal favorite cartoon from the network and will certainly look back to the years when you were still young, lying on a couch, carefree and waiting for your favorite cartoon to air.

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