ABS-CBN is Philippines largest media and entertaining company. With a diversity of programs to watch and extensions abroad, no wonder that ABS-CBN is able to reach out to every Filipino around the globe. As we can see, ABS-CBN is made up of two companies known as  Alto Broadcasting System wherein the brother of ex-Philippine president Elpidio Quirino named Judge Antonio Quirino and James Lindenberg. The other one is Chronicle Broadcasting Network which was managed by the former vice president of the Philippines Fernando Lopez and Don Eugenio Lopez Sr. 

There were several names already given to the company. The fact is it was founded by James Lindenberg and named it Bolinao Electronics Corporation (BEC) on July 11, 1946. And on February 1, 1967, it was named as ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation until the shortening of the name in the year 2010 as ABS-CBN Corporation. 

Discovering ABS-CBN Chanel 2 the Review
Looking back to history, this company went through a lot of tough times. And talking about “tough times” one of the toughest is during Martial Law when it stopped its operations together with all of its affiliate stations. This served as the biggest setback of the company. In fact, Geny Lopez was imprisoned without undergoing trial. Geny Lopez was the president of ABS-CBN Corporation that time who became a cellmate of Sergio Osmeña III who made a jailbreak attempt in the year 1977. It was only by the year 1986 when ABS-CBN went back to its normal airing.

One of the most colorful years of the company is by the year 2003 when it launched an identity for every Filipino to know about the station. The brand was called “Kapamilya”. It happened during the 50th anniversary of the Philippine Television. This brand is still used by the company up till now.

Programs of ABS-CBN
Through the years, the company had created so many programs especially for Filipinos. In fact, on the 55the year of celebrating the Philippine Television, the company had produced four primetime shows namely Kung Fu Kids, Palos, Lobo and Maging Sino Ka Man. This had increased more the popularity of the station because improvement was visible.

There were so many stars who received break to work because of this huge company. The huge number of talents who became popular is just one proof that this company is huge enough to help rising stars.
The classic TV Patrol is still airing in the company along with Maalaala Mo Kaya, Wansapanataym, and the like. Right now, it has so many varieties of programs like Showtime, Be Careful with My Heart, Got to Believe and many more. If you would like to learn about their other programs, care to turn your channel on this company.

Reviews for ABS-CBN
Comparison with other networks is normal nowadays. Filipinos are fond of bashing anyone over social networking sites. There are programs of the said company with high ratings compared to others which are lower from other stations. The very simple logo of the site makes it easier for people to recognize it as one of the most influential channels in the country. Rankings about this company decreases or increases daily.

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