The news says that Deniece Cornejo is just renting the condominium from Malaysian named Greg Binunus. We know that there was a mauling that took place in the said condo last January 22, 2014 when Vhong Navarro was attacked by 8 people that caused damage to his body and even his nose underwent operation. The said condominium was located at Forbeswood Heights.

The real owner of the condo unit is Soledad Ramos. She and Binunus were the ones who assisted the NBI or National Bureau of Investigation to open the condominium and conduct an investigation inside in search for the truth. It was the very first time that the NBI opened the said condominium unit.

Deniece Cornejo Just Renting Condo from Malaysian named Greg Binunus

The reason why condo unit was opened is because there was this statement from Cedric Lee saying that the reason why a certain amount of money was asked from Vhong is in order to pay for the damages of properties inside the condo unit because there was a quarrel between  Vhong and Deniece. This is a according to Cedric Lee. But when the investigators finally opened the condo unit, they saw nothing but blood at the sofa.

Until now, the investigation is going on in order to bring out the truth that will clarify the issue. Deniece Cornejo is not the owner of the condo unit, she is renting it. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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