One of the things that investigators look forward to in terms of evidences in order to solve Vhong’s case is his inbox. The inbox contains all the messages that can help prove true Vhong’s statement against Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo. Apparently, Vhong said that they deleted the messages in order to delete any clues or evidences of the mauling that took place in a condominium at Taguig City. Now, because of the help of technology, the messages are retrieved. This is the news that spread all throughout the country through DZMM by Atty. Alma Malongga – Vhong’s legal counsel.

The said messages were deleted by Cornejo’s group in order to hide all the evidences and eventually they were able to retrieve them that increased their capacity of winning the case against those who mauled Vhong. The messages according to them are strong enough to prove that there was no such thing as “rape” that took place. And besides it was Vhong who is the victim of what happened.

Deleted Vhong-Deniece Text Messages Recovered on Vhong's Phone

In a certain ABS-CBN show “Umagang Kay Ganda”, it was explained that the communications provider don’t have an archive of the subscribers’ sms and this is a strong enough to prove that the messages that were recovered were true.

They also claim that the time when the text messages were sent are there and there will be no manipulating that took place. The whole country right now is waiting for what will happen after the messages have been retrieved and what will be the effect of such to the case, especially to the side of Deniece and Cedric. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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