Because of the increasing rate of rape cases in the country which includes killing of innocent children and ladies, there is a proposal from people to seize the death penalty row. The last death penalty in the country was when Joseph Estrada was still the president and it was removed during the time of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

The social media is flooded nowadays with angry netizens because of rape cases and brutal killings. We can read so many points and reactions from them as they try to make their voices be heard by the government. Several sectors are also looking at the possibility of using this system once again in the government to hopefully decrease the crime rate in the country.

Death Penalty in the Philippines?

With this, the people are divided into two: those who are in favor of bringing back death penalty and those who are not. The issue would be whether the government should embrace the point of being humanitarian with views on the importance of life or to give justice to the victims by means of death penalty. It will surely be a debatable topic and right now there are reactions on social networking sites about the said proposal.

What is your stand regarding this matter? Are you or are you not in favor of death penalty? If yes, then why? If no, why not? We have our own judgment on this case and we should look forward to what will happen to the proposal. Let’s see if the government will consider it or not.

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