What happened to Vhong Navarro broke Bunevacz’ silence being the former business partner of Cedric Lee. Because of what happened to Vhong, Bunevacz recalled all the pain that he experienced being with Cedric almost seven years ago. According to him, what happened between him and Cedric forced his family to leave the country and go abroad. And it has to do with safety.

He said that he also experienced what Vhong experienced being physically violated, terrorized and threatened to death. When they decided to leave the country, it was a relief for him and his entire family. As if the rug was pulled under their feet.

David Bunevacz Breaks Silence on Mauling Case of Vhong Navarro

Jessica Rodriguez, Bunevacz’s wife recalled in an affidavit executed in Los Angeles, California about her husband’s being badly beaten by Cedric Lee and other members. This was their primary reason of leaving the country as reported on Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP).

Cedric Lee and his group denied the allegations before the NBI and in fact, Bunevacz and Rodriguez were charged of estafa because of misuse of the funds of their clinic. Despite what happened, they have forgiven Lee and his members and that was the time when they felt relief.

David Bunevacz is brave enough to share the stories of what happened between him and Lee because of the actions that Navarro has taken. Because of this, there are appreciations coming from netizens and people of the country looking forward to justice that will prevail. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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