Being a widow is hard both emotionally and financially. When death of a spouse comes, there are no words that can exactly explain the grief of the widow. I have a widow friend and it took years for her to move on. With my time spent with her, I learned some ways on how to comfort a widow.

Talk less, listen attentively. As what I have said, there are no words enough to explain the grief. The pain of losing someone very special can cause emotional to psychological problem if the person cannot handle it well. Listen to what she is trying to say. Sometimes she just needs someone to listen. Do not talk too much.

Join her in special occasions. There are instances when she will celebrate special occasions halfhearted. This is due to the fact that the one she used to spend time celebrating the occasions is already gone. You may not be able to replace that person and give her a cheerful feeling but at least your presence is so important.
Comforting a Widow

Inspire her with your life. Imply to her that you are also going through with so many challenges in life and you are trying to cope up with them. She might see a silver lining with your life that will lead her to seeing the bright side of life. Show to her that life is wonderful and that her life did not end after the loss.

When you do these things, you will be challenged. Your love for the person will help you fulfill your job of comforting her.

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