Billy Crawford has an interest in courting Coleen Garcia which is his co-host in “It’s Showtime!,” an ABS-CBN noontime show. The February 13 episode of Showtime is something very significant both for Coleen and Billy because it was the time when Billy spieled his desire to date Coleen on Valentine’s Day. It was not directly said on the show but it was implied through the gestures of the two and it also corresponded through the responses of Coleen.

Crawfordsaid that Coleen was special and it was his very first time to court someone on Valentine’s day that really made the crowd scream. Billy tried to carry on everything but his co-hosts tried to tease them by singing a shampoo ad jingle that really hyped the crowd. Vice Ganda also asked Coleen if she will be happy on Valentine’s Day and she replied with a laugh affirming the question.

Coleen Garcia Speechless as Billy Crawford Rreveals his Valentine's Day Plan

We knew for a fact that Billy and singer-actress Nikki Gil separated on July 2013 and the two (Crawford and Garcia) are constantly denying that it was not Garcia who was the reason behind the breakup. There was a photo circulating with them together in the United States and that became controversial.

We still don’t know what’s the real score between the two but Billy admitted already that he is courting Coleen and that is something that we need to look forward to what will be the result of the courting.

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