Change is permanent on earth. And I would like to show to you some areas of our lives where change is constant. These areas are often unnoticed but they prove true about change.

Growth. A person cannot stay in its state for a long time. His appearance when he was 5 years old is different when he was already 60. This only shows that our appearance is not constant. We undergo changes when we grow old.

Maturity. Age is a great factor in the maturity of a person. His concept of life changes when he grows up along with different emotional and physical changes. Someone cannot remain childish forever. There will always be changes along the way.

Change is the Only Permanent Thing on Earth

Status in life. Life status is not just classified either single or married but it can also be a position and the like. Status changes and is not always constant. A winner will not always be a winner, he also experiences losing sometimes.

Mood. Our mood changes daily. We are not happy all the time. On the other hand, we are not also sad most of the times. Our mood depends on what is going on to our surroundings or on the inside. And to know that the surrounding changes, we also undergo changes in moods.

Life is not constant. Enjoy every moment given for you to live. Love the people around you and show your best potential because you will never know when will be the time for the curtain to close. Life a kind of life you want others to imitate.

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