The issue regarding the mauling of Vhong Navarro by Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo and others is still a hot issue nowadays. This is because both camps are trying to bring out their own evidences that will vindicate them from the cases that are filed against them. We have seen the CCTV footage already with the time when the event took place. With that, we have our own conviction or stand on who between them are telling the truth. And here comes another video that will make things complicated for Cedric Lee and his camp – the video footage taken by CCTV camera on the elevator wherein he kisses Deniece Cornejo.

The footage was taken January 23 after Vhong Navarro was taken to the Southern Police District by Lee’s camp subjected to police blotter due to an alleged rape complaint by Cornejo.
Cedric Lee Kisses while Deniece Cornejo Smiling after Vhong Navarro Mauling

According to Atty. Alma Mallongga, Navarro’s lawyer, Lee has shown a very affectionate behavior towards Cornejo which means to say that they are more than friends and that they have a deeper relationship than what they are claiming that they are merely friends.

Navarro’s camp also claims that it is impossible to rape for a minute and that issue raised the curiosity of the netizens wherein they also expressed their own ideas and opinions with the case.

The video showing that Cedric kisses Deniece is something that the camp of Navarro will make use of in order to win the case against Lee’s camp.

Watch the Video Report Below

You have to watch the video footage for yourself and see to it if it is a big deal or not. Leave your comment. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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