One of the most unusual experiences of a sleeping person is when he gets to the verge of old hag syndrome or commonly called sleep paralysis. This is experienced by a complete or partial paralysis of the arms, legs and upper torso. It can also be experienced by difficulty in breathing and chest pain that is commonly taking place while the person is sleeping. Another thing that is so shocking with sleep paralysis is when someone is starting to hear audio or see figures of person as if he is visited by someone from a different dimension. This experience is often mistakenly considered as a sort of alien, monster or evil visit.

The Causes of Old Hag Syndrome (Sleep Paralysis)

There are several causes of this syndrome according to studies and they are as follows:

1. Waking up while in REM state. When someone wakes up only to find himself in the state of REM, there is a problem with the coordination of the body and the mind that makes it possible for SP. In this condition, the body is semi-paralyzed causing creepy sensations and panic.

2. Stress. Of so many studies done for the said syndrome, the most common result of such studies that is highlighted is stress. Every person has its own stressful ways. These stresses lead to episodes of sleep paralysis that is associated with old hag syndrome.

In order for you to stay away from Sleed Paralysis, make sure that you are in the right condition when you sleep so that you will not be able to acquire the said symptom. It can be fatal as with regards to lose of breath is concerned. So, the key is have a healthy lifestyle and diet and avoid the possibilities of putting yourself into this kind of situation.

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