I have my daily dose of news because of my facebook account. I spend long time in facebook daily with a purpose. Unlike a normal facebook user, I do not spend time only chatting, uploading pictures, liking others’ status and gaining likes for my status. I have a higher purpose of going online using this social networking site.

I like being updated on facebook because I subscribed with several news pages wherein I am prompted with their news. I don’t need to go elsewhere just to be caught with news. Usually, we go to youtube and other video marketing sites just to watch news that are uploaded. If you have the time to do this kind of stuff, well, there’s nothing wrong with it. You can visit as many sites as you want in order to catch and be caught with the news that you are looking for.

Being Updated with News Using Facebook

And if you are the kind of person who is not fond of visiting other sites just to read or watch news, you can like their pages in facebook. This is a very effective way of being updated with what is happening around you and around the world without exerting too much effort in finding them. Honestly, it is not that easy to find news that is why I liked so many news pages in facebook that I get to choose which news to read first especially when I open my account in the morning. There is nothing so kicking than sipping with a cup of coffee and fresh news to read or watch.

Most news links are shared with the use of short links in order not to violate any facebook terms and agreements and in order for the owner of the site to protect or avoid the links from being banned.

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