Taking care of our health is one of our major responsibilities.  Every day, there are changes in our body that we fail to notice because it is asymptomatic. As a person aged, the strength and capacity of his body to perform also deteriorates. With this, it is a must that we take care of every vital organ in our body. One of the most important organs in our body is the heart. The heart, when it fails or malfunctions, the rest of the system is affected because we consider the heart as the major machine responsible for circulation.

There are ways on how we can maintain our heart healthy. By maintaining your heart healthy, you are already avoiding heart attack. One of the most important to watch out when we are talking about the heart is our diet. Yes, diet plays a great role for heart attack. The cholesterol level on the food that we intake affects our circulation. With this, we should eat the right food and preventing foods high in cholesterol. 

Avoiding Heart Attack

Another one factor is our lifestyle. Exercise more often and avoid smoking because smoking affects our blood vessels. If you have a family history of heart problem, have your heart be checked by your doctor to prevent heart failure. And if you already have experience heart attack, take extra caution on everything that you are doing and see your doctor regularly. Know also the different signs and symptoms of heart attack. Also, take your medications religiously to prevent attack.

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