Lot of netizen are looking for answer to this question, "Who is Deniece Milet Cornejo?. She is the one who was involved on the case of Vhong "Ferdinand" Navarro beaten-up inside Fort condo for allegation of attempted rape happened January 22, 2014.

According to online sources, Deniece Milet Cornejo belongs to Buena de Famillia as a model as seen and claim by her on her facebook account. She is the grand niece of the second President  of GMA7 named Rod Cornejo the was president for 20 years.

Deniece Milet Cornejo

She is studying at LA Salle and taking up HRM. She is also said to be consistent honor students and achiever and when she was on Grade 6 she got 2nd Honor student and 3rd honor student when she was on second year high school. 

I am not sure if all these written information on her Facebook profile are real as we know that anyone can create fake facebook and do post false information. So then, lets just wait for the confirmation on the truth about her on TV news.

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