We have known Yahoo! for years as a company of creativity. If you are already working with the web more than 10 years ago, Yahoo! is at large way beyond. So now this company is trying to create something significant – a change probably for their logo that has been recognized since then as a symbol of enthusiasm, like eureka! What’s so amazing about this company is that they are making fun of their campaign of looking for the best possible new logo that will represent the company that has been existed since time immemorial.

With this matter, they are into 30-day trial of changing logos daily for the month until coming up with a decision on what logo should be used by the first week of September. This is something very significant for Yahoo! and it can be interactive since the people will also be given the chance to judge and give their opinion regarding the kind of logo to be used officially.
The Yahoo! Logo Campaign

This decision is something big for Yahoo! though we are looking at it as a simple changing of logo. Of all the experiences of Yahoo with regards to competition and a lot more, we can see that this company is still thriving and fighting. There are so many services this company offers to people and it is good to know that they are also free such as the famous and classic yahoomail services. Yahoo! is also dedicated to giving revenue for the hard works of writers online by their pay per click system which is nowadays so popular. With the new look of Yahoo! in the coming month, a new hope is born. Let us look forward to it.

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