To know deeper about our existence as humans, we can arrive at a certain point of knowing about our needs. And we can recall many of them – actually lots of them. There is this need to eat, do activities, socialize and many more. But this time, let us go deeper into what a simple “hug” can do to us. Here are they:

Reduces blood pressure: With high blood pressure, we are at risk. This is the reason why as much as possible we have to maintain a certain kind of BP to avoid experiencing mild strokes and other worse than that. It has been proven that a simple hug can reduce blood pressure. So, hug more!

The Things that a Simple Hug Can Do

Decreases stress hormones: We have so many pressures in life. And these pressures often lead to depression. If we are going to look at the source or the roots of these depressions, we can only blame one thing that is often the cause of it and that is “stress”. If we are stressed, our cells are stressed also. And as a result of such condition, it will be hard for them to work well in the body and even our white blood cells will find it hard to combat against viruses. If we are able to hug someone, say, a person we love the most, the warmth that we feel from such activity will decrease our stress hormones.

Increases love hormones and improves relationship: An intimate relationship can be maintained with good body contact and that includes a hug. With a good hug to offer to your spouse, you can maintain a good relationship between you. This is due to the fact that trust is developed between the two of you and that is essential to solve any conflict that has something to do with your relationship. Hug more and improve more.

Let me ask you: how’s your relationship? Have you hugged someone today?

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