Janet Lim Napoles is now wanted in the Philippines for alleged serious illegal detention. Due to several issues regarding pork barrel scam, Napoles is now the talk of the town. Before that, there was this issue that Janet Lim Napoles has charged several newsmen and bloggers of libel case because of reporting and writing about Napoles’ large scale scam. One of the reasons why Napoles has filed libel case is because of the judging of her daughter that led to her hospitalization because of her lifestyle.

 Now, the issue is that Janet Lim Napoles is wanted for pork barrel scam and is obliged to appear before the government. The cases are still at large and pending for results. Meanwhile, people have their opinions shared on social networking sites regarding the issues whether Napoles is innocent or not. Rages are everywhere and there are rumors of several politicians connected to Napoles and the pork barrel scam. The authority is still trying to identify and finding more and more evidences to prove the claims right before the government.

The Pork Barrel Scam Issue and Napoles’ Filing of Cases

You may have your own opinion regarding this matter and you might be thinking right now. People are still divided with regards to their opinions and there are even scholars and writers who are trying to figure out lots of things about the issue that will help solve the conflict. If the investigation on the said scam will be taken seriously and justice will prevail, the Filipinos will certainly know a lot about the issue and will have an awareness of what is going on to the country politically. The issues are there and until now, the voices of the people are divided and undecided.

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