I have so many books in my shelf. I usually go book hunting monthly to see to it that I have enough stock of books to read and I read them one by one the entire month. With several kinds of books I have in shelf – each of them differ in thickness and number of pages, I do get lots of information and somehow I can conclude that these books are helping me a lot mentally. But I am more into emotional aspect when it comes to this. I usually highlight quotes given by an author of the book I am reading. This is for me to remember such quote and make it easier for me to go back to that particular page when I need it.

The Need to Quote Important Lines in Books

There are books that are plainly written without any highlight on important quotes by authors or probably the main character of the novel. On the other hand, there are books also that are full of highlighted quotes of authors and main characters so that readers will not find it hard to recognize them. These are highlights that are commonly associated with thoughts and other important ideas essential for the reader to remember.

I love books with quotes. Important lines should not be taken for granted because these are the spices of the book. They are developed in such a way that they will be able to impact the lives of the readers. This is also the reason why it is good to make use of books that are organized with such intention. Now, my current read has so many important lines in it but sad to say, they are not quoted the way that I want them to be. It’s a challenge for me.

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