There are so many kinds of lollipops in the world. Normally, kids love lollipops and they are sold in carnivals and candy stores. If we are going to look at the price of lollipops, we can conclude that they are generally cheap. Yes, cheap in the sense that they are being consumed by kids, but not this time. Since if you are going to buy several pieces of this kind of lollipop, you might have some kind of financial problem, this I’m sure.

Introducing DeLafee, the Swiss company responsible for making a strawberry flavored lollipop worth 38.50 USD. The thing that made it expensive is because of edible gold flakes content. The candy company is good at it, innovating to add more flavors to candies to add more fun but with added amount on the product. What makes DeLafee create this kind of lollipop is the desire of the company to keep its tradition ever since. The company has supplied so many candies both in its own country and abroad. No wonder the company is recognized in its excellence.

The Most Expensive Lollipop in the World

Are you a lover of lollipop? If yes, you might want to try this. As long as you have the budget to purchase this daily, come on! Do it! You might enjoy every lick of its edible gold flakes and discover a lot of good things out of this expensive lollipop. This is not the end for the company in terms of creating high quality products which includes lollipops up to the extent of putting too much efforts on it, thus, adding more amount of money to purchase it.  This is the product of passion in sweets.

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