The desire to make life easier and to bring into a smaller space occupying gadget all the necessary activities done in the computer gave rise to smart watches. This may seem odd to you but let me just let you know how advanced our technology nowadays that sending emails and the like is possible nowadays through smart watches – of course, with the aid of Bluetooth connection.

Termed as Pebble Smart Watch, the inventor named Eric Migicovsky had no plan of creating a computer that he can wear. We all do have that kind of dream, but this Canadian guy only dreamt of avoiding crashing from his bicycle until he found himself on the brim of making a certain kind of watch that will mark an era of breakthrough in technology. A prototype was made in his dormitory and he was a student that time at Deft University of Technology in Netherlands.

The Birth of Smart Watches

With the popularity of such technology the man was able to sell 85,000 pieces to customers who would like to make use such. The watches were used by buyers for them to possibly play music, check email and do some important computer stuffs without turning on such giant machines that would require interference and time consumed. This has become an accessory of those who are benefiting from the ease that it can give to those who are willing to make use of it.

Primarily used by people who are riding a car or simply would like to have it personally, there are evidences of its increasing popularity. And thinking about popularity, we should look at what it can do to create huge waves in the sales market. Such technology cannot just be taken for granted because it can surely make things easier and more enjoyable for us to live in the cradle of gadgets.

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