You may have gone to the mall or have tried to look at an array of different displays of toothpastes on the stalls. Well, for ordinary people just like us, it doesn’t matter much to us what toothpaste to use considering the fact that there are so many kinds of toothpaste companies around the world manufacturing the same product. If that is the case, the amount of competition in the market is increasing also. Does this issue matter to us, or simply a cliché that needs our regret and oblivion? This article will show you amazing information that you need to know that is mostly unnoticed for toothpastes. At the bottom of the tube, you can usually see different colors and do you know what that means? I bet, not? If not, here is information for you, there are four kinds:

Awareness on selection of toothpaste!

Green (natural) – this is just ordinary toothpaste that is used by majority. When you will see this kind of toothpaste, you are safe when you will use this for your daily consumption.

Blue (natural and medicine) – aside from this being used for daily consumption, it can also be used for medical purposes there are several dental problems that are being cured by this kind of toothpaste. Are you having problems with different issues with your gums, try this one.

Red (natural and chemical composition) – chemicals are needed to fight bacteria and spread of germs. Toothpaste with red color is the one with this kind of composition.

Black (pure chemical) – with pure chemical, this is a very concentrated toothpaste. This is stronger than the natural and there is a need to consider the component of this one before using to be safe.

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