You might be amazed by this story, too good to be true, but simply “true”. This amazing pen has the capacity to pick colors by merely scanning it and with its RGB color mixing installed inside, a response will be made and thus, gives off the said color. Because of this wonderful innovation, not only artists, but everyone benefits from it. And here are some cool things that this pen can do that we can say “life changers” for humans:

A wide range of colors for artists. Every artist has a desire to make use of the exact color for his craft. Art has been changing for years, though there are people who really embraced their culture in terms of this. This pen can make someone become more confident in using colors for his drawing and the like. 

The Amazing Color Picker by Jinsun Park

Used to know changes in nature. A good example and a simple application for this is when you try to pinpoint a leaf today, do it again next week with the same leaf. You will notice the change in color. This is a good way to learn about the changes in appearance of different things necessary for experiments.

A catalyst for creativity. With the use of this pen, creativity is superb. You can draw whatever you want with myriad colors to choose from. Make use of this pen to express what is going on in your mind by rushing to a certain thing to scan for that color of your desire. Remember, everything is possible.

This technology-packed pen can do so many amazing things. Things will get better in the near future and wait till it is pushed in the market.

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