This amazing story happened in Vietnam by a 55-year-old man named Le Van from Ha Lam in the central Quang Nam province. You might be shocked or surprised by this article but let me continue the story.

The man’s wife died in 2003 and what he did was he dug a tunnel directing to his wife’s grave so that he can sleep there no matter what the season is. But because of the concerns of his neighbors, they have advised him to bring home his wife after almost a year of sleeping with it in 2004.

The Story about a Vietnamese Man Who Slept with His Dead Wife

At first, the neighbors were hesitant of visiting him because of the condition but as time passed by, they grew more accustomed to him that made things work normally. According to reports, Val said these statements:  

“I’m a person that does things differently. I’m not like normal people,” he was quoted as saying. “My wife’s body only passed away but her spirit still accompanies us. I have no fear when it comes to sleeping with her at all.

Because it is hard for the man to let go of his wife, inspections are done by the local government with regards to sanitations and risks that might cause problems to the family and to the neighbors. Another thing is that it is not proper to carry a corpse to a residential home without the approval of the authorities because it violates rules. This news had been shared in social media and circulated around the world. Several critics appreciated such effort but several also do not agree with what Val did. The rest is up to those who can read this article. 

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