Are you having problems taking time with your family? You might be filled with so many jobs to do and obligations to fulfill that are not related to your family’s business. There is nothing wrong with that. I mean, jobs are good sources of family income. Obligations, especially paid obligations are means of fulfilling something sometimes for the sake of the family. But what if you are miserable, as what they have said, miserably succeeding over these things but looking at your family gives you a feeling of disappointment.

You might be as a father, have forgotten your main role. This is not totally your fault, sometimes you are trapped in situations wherein you cannot say no to certain things because they are necessary to you and your family. So to solve this issue, you may consider my advice on the next paragraph.

Spending Precious Time with your Family

It is not bad to be work-a-holic as what I have said. But you have to have a sense of time management in order for you not to miss up important moments for you and your family. Remember that you have a family to take care of and settle your schedules to give a little space for your time with them. If you are really hectic, you don’t have to plan for a special event, say, a trip to faraway places for vacation or a party.

Sometimes a simple moment at the dining room or living room will do. Bringing home something to eat after work will do. A simple card or flower for your spouse during special occasions will do. A simple hug for your children and appreciation of the things they have achieved will surely do. Spend time with your family while doing your job. It works!

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