Updates are meant to make a particular software or system work well and become compatible with different gadgets. This is the reason why Ubuntu Touch is being updated to 13.10.  The software will be ready on October 17. The thing about this is that we are still not assured of actual phones in the market and the only supported phones are the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4.

It is proper to say that we need to wait for the software to be released soon. Meanwhile, with Ubuntu in the process of development, there are so many things to learn about it. This is a property of Ubuntu Community Contributors and the Carrier Advisory Group. It is available in multilingual and monolithic kernel type.

Something New Called Ubuntu Touch

This is designed by means of swiping from the edges of the screen. For the users to know more of the details on how to make use of this, they need to search more about its functions. The founder of Ubuntu named Mark Shuttleworth will promote Ubuntu to countries wherein it is well-known.  And since this is the mobile version of the Ubuntu operating system, it has so many features that one can make use of to add new features to his mobile phone life. With Ubuntu, you will get to explore things you haven’t known before.

For the next days and weeks, all we need to do is wait for the release of Ubuntu Touch and we will be able to have our own review of the product once we already have an experience using it. this is such a wonderful thing to learn about aside from the common things that we already knew before.

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