We all have days of stress and the like and sometimes we crave for a good slumber. Normally, we would resort to going at the comfort of our bed but still, we cannot relax. With this, we tend to look forward to a place where we can simply close our eyes without interruption with the help of someone you can sleep with without strings attached.

At Soineya, you will experience this one. Going to its official website, you will learn about the services it offers with the following prices:

Admission fee: 3,000 yen

Standard Course

20 min – 3,000 yen 
40 min – 5,000 yen (only 3,000 yen for first time visitors)
60 min – 6,000 yen 
2 hrs – 11,000 yen 
3 hrs – 16,000 yen 
4 hrs – 20,000 yen 
5 hrs – 25,000 yen 
6 hrs – 30,000 yen 
10 hrs – 50,000 yen

 (fee to pick the girl you want to sleep with) – 1,000 yen + 500 yen per hour

Optional Course

Customer sleeps in girl’s arm (3 min) – 1,000 yen 
Girl pats customer on the back (3 min) – 1,000 yen 
Customer pets girl on the head (3 min) – 1,000 yen 
Customer and girl stare at each other (1 min) – 1,000 yen 
Girl changes clothes (1 time) – 1,000 yen 
Girl gives customer foot massage (3 min) – 1,000 yen 
Customer gives girl foot massage (3 min) – 2,000 yen 
Customer sleeps with head on girl’s lap (3 min) – 1,000 yen 
Girl sleeps with head on customer’s lap (3 min) – 2,000 yen 
The purpose of this company is to make sure that someone who would like to relax while with someone can push it up to reality. It scientifically proven that sleeping with someone you are comfortable with can give you much more relaxation than you needed. If you happen to be on this kind of situation, you may want to try it. And also, this company is giving opportunities for ladies to work by nature of sleeping. See for yourself if you are qualified and fit for the job.
Here are the qualifications:

Job: Sleeping
Location: Akihabara (3 min walk from station)
Qualifications: High school age to 30s
Compensation: 3,500 yen/hour
Hours: Weekdays 15:00-22:00, Weekend/holidays 12:00-22:00

Ready to take the challenge? Act now!

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