Facebook is considered as the most famous, most efficient, most active, most interactive.. and the list goes on and on.. social networking site in the world. With its increasing number of users daily, we can conclude that when it comes to world dominating sites, this will be put as one on the top list. And I bet you who is reading this article right now has a facebook account, right? And you need to protect it from intruders who would like to attack you. There are instances when you do not know, probably because you are not aware, that you are being attacked. Here are some of the things that you need to avoid in facebook in order to safeguard your account:

1. Beware of malicious notifications. If a notification is sent to you that you have an offensive abuse over a certain user and you have been reported, you have to be careful not to open it. Your account might be attacked by virus or anything that can destroy it in an instant. You might have problems restoring the original state of your account.
Shielding Your Facebook Account from Hackers

2. “Video saying 99% of People cannot watch this for more the 15 Sec.” phrase. There are online attackers who would like you to click a malicious video that will offer the link also to your friends and anyone who are connected to you. So once you will encounter the said phrase in facebook, do not think twice avoiding such link. You are in grave danger if you do.

3. Link from chats. There are links sent via chat. The fact is facebook nowadays is so particular with links and what they are doing is that they are trying to filter the kind of links shared in the site. This is to avoid any spamming and to be sure of the security of the users. So, unless you are familiar with the link shared via chat, don’t dare try opening it, you might regret in the future.

Click wisely and be safe! Shun the hackers’ way of attacking you!

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