You might have heard of the story about the experiences of Junko Furuta in the arms of those who kidnapped her. I have read several articles about the brutal sufferings of this 16 year old student from Misato, Japan. My tears fell when I read about the description of how she suffered in extremities in the arms of a student with Yakuza connection. The numerous times she was abused along with the physical sufferings both internal and external could melt someone’s heart and horrify someone’s soul. It may not be possible if you are going to look at it, but the fact remains that it happened and it was so horrible – more horrible than we could ever imagine.

Remembering Junko Furuta

What breaks my heart upon reading the things that Junko Furuta went through is that she was a consistent student with good academic record. She had no vices – she doesn’t drink nor smoke. In short, we could consider her a model student during her time – silent but full of thoughtful things and knowledge. She could have a wonderful future ahead. She could have a life that will be remarkable for others to imitate and emulate but all these things came to an end when she was kidnapped.

Her family didn’t know what she was going through when she was forced to call them assuring them or her safety in the house of one of her classmates. A tragic incident lead to death of the said teenager when she could not stand anymore the suffering due to the fact that some of her internal organs have given up is such a disgrace.  After 44 days of humiliation, pain, suffering, hunger, and the like, she died and her body was thrown in Tokyo.

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  1. What a horrific story! May her soul Rest In Peace...My condolences to her family and friends,...I didn't even hear about this in the US media.... God help us all