With so many quotes appearing in facebook and other social networking sites, we can say that this world is really accustomed to this matter. And let us look at the lives of people. Are they really changing and improving because of this, or simply, nothing is happening as before. We must look at this issue as significant for the betterment of our society.

There they are! They have written the best quotes they could ever think of. They have made lots of deliberation, whining and contemplation just to inspire the young and give hope to the old, but what happened? Lessons! This is so important. Yes, the quotes are great but are we internalizing them? Or simply looking past them, I guess…
Quotations and Life Lessons

Quotations are good if we are willing to apply them. We can learn and influence a lot if we only know how to. If we have the desire to make use of the things we knew and incurred with what we read, then, we are civilized in this matter.

Authors do not just write for nothing. They do not just write for the sake of pleasure, but they also have intentions of compelling people to believe them - for people to recognize their efforts of bringing changes to the world with their pen. This is a toil that they have done and intentionally went through for you and me. And going back to quotations, what has quotations did to your life? Are you improving because of these quotations or you just shrug off a nonsense air out of your nostril and remain the same? You have to answer this.

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