An image is released that will give way to solving the issues between Vhong and Deniece and this is one of them. The man in black shirt is Vhong Navarro, the alleged victim of mauling at a condominium in Pasig. In the picture, he is undergoing police blotter and it was released by the District Investigation and Detective Management Division of the Southern Police District (SPD).

The officers on duty that time were Lumiwan, PO3 Rolly Laureto and two others. They have said that they have offered Navarro a hospital checkup but he refused and he even said that the pictures should not be shared nor leak to anyone. The reason why Deniece was not brought to the women’s desk is because there was no plan of charging each other.  

Police Released Vhong "Ferdinad" Navaro's Photo in Police Station

It was Laureto who removed the duct tape from the Navarro’s hands and he even offered a glass of water to wash his face. The police also said that there wasCedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo, Cornejo’s cousin and Lee’s sister who accompanied Navarro. They even escorted Navarro back to Bonifacio Global City with the use of police car.

The investigation is still going on for the police and Navarro and Cornejo’s camp to know what to do and the proper procedures. They are also looking at angles wherein the officers on duty that time might face charges due the mistakes that they have committed and negligence on their part. Proper investigation is going on and as a part of hasting the investigation, the said picture might be helpful to solve the case. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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