With the advancement of technology, we have the ability to research on several ways on how to solve our problems which includes wastes. Recently, a group of students together with professors from Yale University conducted a study regarding a certain fungi from the Amazon that is said to be having the capacity to degrade polyurethane.

As we can see, this kind of plastic comprises the biggest part of the problems of the world in terms of waste management. More and more countries with this kind of problem are actually seeking solutions and the findings of the group of students and professors from the said university, is a silver-lining to such problem. The good thing about these fungi is that it can survive in an environment of less to non-oxygen.  As a conclusion to the report of the Yale University group they have published the ‘Biodegradation of Polyester Polyurethane by Endophytic Fungi’ for the Applied and Environmental Microbiology journal that is recognized by other universities as well.

Plastic-eating Fungi Found in the Amazon: a Solution to Waste Problems

In the journal, bioremediation is discussed and how the process is done with the use of fungi to increase in number to possibly solve the problems with wastes especially plastics. We all know genetically that microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi can multiply into a very large number daily and it can be done by means of technology to hasten the multiplication process.

With this concept of bioremediation, the hope for better world is advocated. This is another innovation done by creative minds of a combination of students and professors of Yale University pioneering the research processes on how to eradicate a huge pile of wastes in the world today.

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