Cruelty to animals is rampant nowadays. We can see it in the television and even read it in printed media. This is a very sad situation of the world today knowing that we have lots of things to offer to animals, especially the domestic ones in order for them to live harmoniously with us and become part of our lives. The sad truth: sometimes we fail to do such thing and we look at them as our possessions – something that we can possess and make fun of.

This is a photo of a man riding a motorbike with a dog chained in it and being dragged along the highway in Fuzhou – the capital of the Fujian Province in China. The one who took the photo asked the man to stop but he didn’t. Instead, he increased more in speed to drag the poor dog more in the street who couldn’t bark due to the chains around its neck. The speed of the said motorbike was about 50 km per hour and that was enough to bring excruciating pain to the dog.

Photo of a Man Dragging a Dog Along the Highway Uploaded=

Looking at the picture of the man riding the motorbike and dragging the dog would give us an idea that the wheels of the motorbike, was moving. With such cruelty to animals, the photo that circulated around the world through the social media caught the attention of so many people especially those who are working with non government organizations protecting the welfare of animals. The act was also condemned by pro animal and environment movements trying to seek justice for the dog that was dragged along the street hopeless and helpless.

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