Papaya is a very common tree in the country. There are so many products that can be made with this kind of plant and you might be thinking of papaya juice, papaya shake and the like. Well, this time, aside from what you know that papaya can do to your body, you will be amazed how this kind of plant rich in Chymopapin and papin enzymes in its leaf can increase platelet count as most experts say. This is the reason why this plant is considered to be one of the best possible antidote for dengue.

We are familiar with dengue as a disease caused by a transfer of blood from one patient to another by mosquitoes. No one is exempted from this disease. It could fall to almost anyone. In fact, reports from most hospitals around the world tell us that there is a great diversity of those who are affected by this disease found in the beds of the hospitals
Papaya Leaf Juice for Dengue

Upon having this kind of disease, one would surely feel the symptoms like abdominal pain, inconsistent increase and decrease in body temperature and the like only to know that platelet count in the blood is shockingly decreasing. The worst case is when there is a need for blood transfusion. This would cost a pretty penny on the side of the patient.

Most food supplements are needed in order to increase the fighting capacity of the body’s immune system to dengue. And we can say that those who are thriving in this kind of situation can survive over those who are not doing something. If you are being troubled by your situation, why not try to use papaya as a remedy. You might want to try what the experts say about this fruit that can offer the right enzymes for your body for faster recovery.

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