A certain incident took place that served as a lesson to everyone who is fund of licking stamps and envelopes. The story goes this way: 

A girl licked an envelope and postage stamp that she is going to send to a loved one. Well, there are other alternatives of doing that such as using sponges but she preferred not to, instead she used her tongue. After doing that, she noticed a cut on her tongue. Because it was too small, she just took this for granted as if nothing is wrong with her. The cut started to swell and she also started feeling pain. Because of that, she went to the doctor for checkup and medication but there was no finding. The girl then tried to put into oblivion her situation as if there was no pain in her tongue but to her dismay, the pain started to become worse.

Never Lick An Postage Envelopes

She then went again to the doctor and she forced him to do something because she could not bear the pain anymore. The doctor then tried to maximize the view of the tongue to know what is inside the swelling part only to know that that lump was developed. Because of that, the doctor decided to cut it. And to their surprise, a live cockroach went out of the lump. The doctor tried to investigate again regarding the issue and he found out that cockroach eggs from the postage stamp were inside the cut. They were hatched because of the warmth and moist of the saliva in the tongue.

Next time, never lick a postage stamp and envelope anymore. It might contain the same.

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