There are news spreading with regards to Cedric and Deniece’s escape plan to Singapore because of their cases. Because of this, investigation was made by the NBI and it was found out that there were booked flights to Singapore via PAL flight PR 503 by the two. The said flight is scheduled on February 6 at around 7:55 in the morning. The booking was done online and it is not still confirmed if the two who booked the flight are really Deniece and Cedric. The investigation went deeper as the IP address of the people who booked the flight was traced in order to confirm whether the news is true or just a mere hearsay.

As Expected NBI checks reports Lee and Cornejo leaving Philippines
Atty. Howard Calleja assured that his clients will certainly go to the NBI for the investigation and there are no escape plans done by the two just to stay away from the issue though sources affirmed the appearance of Deniece and Cedric in the booking system of Philippine Airlines (PAL) giving a clue that the two might be making some exit from the country. The said booking was done two days ago, however the tickets are not yet paid.

This issue has stirred the minds of the Filipino people. The country is looking forward to other news article that might prove right or wrong about the issue. Vhong Navarro filed a case against Deniece and Cedric because of the mauling that took place in Taguig City. The interest of the public is captured by this issue and in fact, there are so many sentiments being thrown online through the social networking sites with regards to the case.

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