The cars, the job, the risks, the pollution and the count go on and on. You will not stand this kind of lifestyle, do you? The more you are exposed to these, the more chances of acquiring headache of whatever kind it is. With this, you will be able to shun for a while with what you are doing, that may be necessary or you have a deadline to meet, and do nothing, just wait for the moment when your headache is gone. It sucks really, but how about feeling better after 5 minutes? No kidding! This is true. You can stop your headache within five minutes without taking in any kind of medicine. Let me just show you how.

First, consider the two sides of your nose. You have the left and the right side. Let us put it this way, the right side is the sun and the left side is the moon. The sun is hotter than the moon. The sun gives off heat and the moon does not necessarily do the same thing. If you have a headache, just cover your right nose and breathe through your left nose. This is because you need a cool air to enter your body to replace the hot one that gives you headache. You can do this for only 5 minutes. You can try waking up in the morning and observe where among the two parts of your nose you breathe.

Women normally breathe with the use of the left part of the nose that is why they are cooling down often. On the other hand, men usually breathe with the use of the right nose, which allows them to intake warm are that is necessary to energize and get them to work.

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