A retrial has saved the life of a Pinay from grave sentence. The said 30-year old Pinay had an physical contact with her boyfriend resulting to sleeping in bed outside marriage. According to justice system of UAE, it is not proper to do such thing and it is punishable by appropriate law that is why she was jailed.

Proper investigation was done only to come up with a decision of making the sentence lighter despite the fact that she buried her baby at a certain beach. The Pinay is subject to make a appeal within 15 days as regards to the sentence.

According to her, she admitted that she really made an physical contact with her boyfriend that brought to pregnancy. She carried the baby until birth and when she found out that the baby was weak and ill, the hospital has obliged them to pay Dh26,000 for medication. But he couple left the baby behind, became worse in condition until she died the next day and she was buried to the beach.

A Lighter Trial for a Pinay Who Buried Her Baby on a UAE Beach

A lifeguard discovered the baby on January 11 and he reported and turned it over for checkup. The couple was traced and a case was filed against the said Pinay. Now, after a thorough deliberation of the case along with all the things associated in it, the sentence got lighter until now, the hearing procedure is ongoing along with other investigations with associated results needed to come up with a final judgment. The Pinay is still held by the authorities.

The results of the trial will be given after everything is complied with.

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