Filipinos are famous around the world not just for their hardworking spirit, but also because of their being “Filipino” by nature. This article will focus on different areas on the lives of Filipinos for better understanding of the race. We have so many things to discover about this race with mixes of different races around the world.

Traits: In order to know the attitude of someone, we have to study its traits. And this is something very interesting in the part of the Filipinos because they have so many good traits. The speaking of “po” and “opo” to those who are older than them is a sign of respect. And who is not aware of Filipinos’ hospitality? This is the reason why there are so many foreigners who love the Philippines. Filipinos are also religious as it can be traced back by its acceptance of Christianity in 16th century.

Family: Filipinos have close family ties which means every family member is important and the level of relationship is extreme to the point of allowing even the second to third degree relatives to stay all together in one house. Filipinos honor marriages and it is a sacred thing. One very good attitude of Filipinos in terms of family handling is that they pray together and eat together.

Eating, Dress style and others: Filipinos love foods. The fact is in Philippines alone which is composed of so many ethnic groups speaking different languages, they have so many menus. Who could resist adobo, chopsuey, inihaw and other mouth watering foods?

In terms of dress styles, Filipinos have barong tagalong and baro’t saya as their national dress. Filipinos nowadays are highly influenced by westerners and that is depicted through their lifestyle.

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