Diabetes is one of the common diseases wherein so many people are having troubles with. The good news about this disease is that there is already a cure or a way to tame it. But looking at the price of the medicine and the medication would lead to a traumatic financial incapacity. Let me introduce to you lady finger (okra) which is good in curing diabetes. You will know a lot of its contents that might fight the disease that you have been fighting for years.

The procedure is quite simple. You only have to provide 3 lady fingers and cut them into halves. The cut lady fingers will be put into a glass with water. Keep it overnight and the very next day, remove the lady finger and drink the water. The raw compounds of the lady finger will help you battle with diabetes because of these reasons:

Lady Finger: a Hope for Diabetics

Lady fingers have low G.I or Glycemic Index. This is essential to controlling diabetic level for lady fingers have only 20 G.I present in it. It is safe to eat as many lady fingers as you can to tame your disease.

Capacity to fight kidney diseases. When the kidney reacts, you will have problems with almost all your organs in the body. Yes, you read it right. Because the kidney is the one excreting all your liquid wastes and takes the nutrients to be circulated in the body. This has something to do with diabetes as well. Improving the kidney condition will help improve the immune system, thus, diabetes can be controlled.

The presence of soluble fibers. With soluble fibers, carbohydrate is digested that is the main cause of diabetes or too much sugar in the body. Lady fingers have soluble fibers to do this work. Soon, you will have low carbohydrates and subject to healing.

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