Almost all organisms in the world is in need of water, especially us, humans. With our daily vigorous activities, it is undeniable that we really need water in order to survive not to mention what water can do to our vital body organs. Are you having hard time making water a part of your routine? Well, here are some practical ways on how to put your love back into this universal solvent.

1. Know the source of your water. Water can be found everywhere but not all kinds of water that we can gather are good to consume. I mean, for drinking. You have to know very well the source of your water because there are several kinds of water and they are tap water, filtered water, well water, distilled water, mineral water and bottled water. What are you using?

How to Put Your Heart into Water

2. Add flavor to your water. You might get bored drinking water and the best antidote for that is to add flavor if possible. You can put lemon, strawberry and the like.

3. Desire drinking water. You can trick yourself with this. You can pretend that you love drinking water though the fact is you don’t. Just drink. That’s it.

4. Put water closer to you. No matter what you do, no matter where you go, put water near you. If you are working at home, you might want to put a glass of water beside you or if you are travelling, you might want to carry a water tumbler.

5. Know the benefits of drinking water. This is a very essential way in order to increase your love for water. If you know the benefits that you can get from it, you might want to make it a hobby.

These and a lot more are the ways that you might want to do to increase your love for water.

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