The conflict between Cedric’s camp and Vhong’s brought lots of arguments and the public is left hanging on the facts about the issue. Cedric said that during the time when they pinned down Navarro, they did not know that it was Vhong Navarro. It was only when Deniece scolded him that they knew it was Vhong. It only shows that Cedric does not know Vhong Navarro personally and he is Deniece’s friend.

Cedric even said that Vhong Navarro is exaggerating in his statements. He said that his friends only came not inside the condominium unit but only inside the elevator – a CCTV footage will prove. This statement from Cedric says that it is not true that they attacked Navarro. Lee also claimed that if he is going to extort, it should not be Vhong. In the first place, Vhong is famous, he has so many connections, he is known by millions and he even has so many friends in politics like senators, etc. If he is going to extort, he is going to choose somebody else and not Vhong.

How Cedric Lee accuses Vhong of twisting facts about what happened on Cornejo's Condo

One thing that Lee is trying to fight is that though he is just a simple businessman, he will not resort to extortion just to have a pretty penny. He even said that he is not that rich but also an ordinary individual who works well in order to earn money in the right way and it is not his desire to extort of a million from Navarro just to earn. According to him, it was Navarro who offered the money as payment for the damaged furniture inside Cornejo’s condo unit.

He stressed the fact that he is not asking for the sympathy of the people, he will not run for politics, he does not aim to become a star and eventually in the end, the truth will prevail. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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