Philippines is a country with very diverse ethnic groups. This is also the determining factor why Filipinos differ in terms of attitudes and other intrinsic qualities. The recent situation of the country is a problem to those who are advocates of peace. The fact is, the government had tried a lot of things in order to keep peace and order reigning over the country.

The MILF issue is really striking the country in terms of peace issues. There are Filipinos who would like to end the conflict between the two and the group in order to promote peace. But it seems like it remains an elusive dream. Until now, the country is still finding ways on how to solve issues – finding lots of ways how.

The NPA issue is a classic issue the country is facing right now. There are peace talks materialized to bridge the gap between the two and hear each others’ sides that will give way to peace – as in blatant peace as they call it.

Hoping for Peace in the Philippines

The anti-government issue has something to do not just on the large group of individuals who are doing their best and spending their times looking at how the leaders are running the country.

Knowing these issues is very important. We are hopeless sometimes if we will just look at the news seeing wars and conflicts brought about by these issues but we still have to thrive and believe that one of these days, the true essence of peace will shine in the heart of everyone involved in these great issues. We hope for peace in the Philippines!

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