One of the joys of those who are nursing children is when they laugh. Imagine a baby you have been nursing the whole day with all those messes inside the house that really put you to your nerve. You might lose your patience but with a single laugh or smile from the baby, you may think that everything is paid. Now, are you having problems making your child laugh? Well, care to read these five easy to follow tips.

1. Channel funny movies for children. There are so many funny movies and short films out there that you can let your child watch. A baby has a sense of understanding what is funny and not. And the response is very visible. The fact is most babies are honest with their feelings. Their innocent mindset allows them to show how they feel. Watching Cartoon films is a good suggestion.

Five Ways of Making a Child Laugh

2. Create funny words. Children are fond of recognizing humorous words from their environment. Once they have perceived that particular word as humorous, they would respond the same once they were repeated. With funny words such as “pee” “boo” “mee” and the like, you will surely catch the attention of the baby and make him smile.

3. Spend some time doing some funny activities. You might want to bond with your child especially if he is able to understand a lot of things. You might want to disturb his father by tickling during sleeping or do some activities that might draw a smile to his face.

4. Buy books of jokes. There are so many joke books out there that are sold. Buy one for your child who knows how to recognize pictures or read a little, and let his comprehension increase while laughing.

5. Make funny gestures. With funny gestures, your child will surely burst in laughter. Do it often to yourself and sometimes with his involvement.

Making your child laugh can also bring the fun in you. And it is hard to single out yourself once he starts to laugh.

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