Having halitosis or in layman’s term, bad breath, is a very serious problem if we will only look at it very well. This is serious in the sense that you will be able to sacrifice your reputation when you have this. Imagine the things that people will notice of you once you are in this kind of situation. So here are tips that you might want to try once you have a bad breath.

Rinse with salt or lemon: This is a very traditional way of curing bad breath. All you have to do is mix a pinch of salt or drops of lemons to a liquid, preferably water and rinse. The lemon has the capacity to kill bacteria in the tongue and gums because of its high acidic concentration.

Curing Bad Breath the Most Effective Ways

Baking soda: Just like the lemon, baking soda also has high acidity that can prevent bacteria from multiplying especially in the tongue. This is exactly the reason why it is advisable for everyone to make use of baking soda rich toothpastes when brushing teeth.

Not too much sugar: Sugar is responsible for cavities, thus, you will have a bad breath after. Avoid too much sugar means choosing the right food to eat. You should have a balanced diet and should have a remedy for too much sugar intake.

Fight constipation: Constipation is associated with bad breath that is why you should have a regular bowel movement. Having regular bowel movement does not just improve the condition of the stomach and all connected organs of the digestive system. But it can also help cure the disgusting bad breath.

With these tips on how to cure bad breath, you can put an end to your calvary and start living a normal life without a bad breath that is bothering you.

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