Despite the fact that the investigators are claiming that the CCTV footages strengthen the defense of Navarro, Cedric’s lawyer looks at it the other way, in fact he said that this will be to the benefit of Cedric’s case. Reading the news can be bizarre especially to the fans of Vhong Navarro.

Atty. Howard Calleja said that the CCTV footages are in favor of them because they show that there is no such thing as “set-up” that took place. He said that when we try to look at the footages, we can see that it was Vhong Navarro who entered first inside the condo unit and that strengthens their claim that the allegations of Vhong Navarro regarding to them are not really true. And this is the reason why Calleja is so confident that the video footages are in favor of them and that they will help Lee and Cornejo win the case.

Cedric Lee's lawyer says that CCTV footage strengthens their defense

Another thing is that Calleja said that the clients are not hiding anything because they have showed to the police and surrendered everything. He also said that they will fight for the truth in this legal battle and that there is this called “public fight” happening. Calleja said that it is hard for them to fight because his clients are not media personalities unlike Navarro and they cannot ask for any media hype. But nevertheless, they will still push through with the case and battle against Vhong despite the fact that the public is on his side. We can see so many arguments online especially in social networking sites regarding the issue.

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