David Bunevacz is the name that iscoming out nowadays as an alleged victim of extortion by Cedric Lee. The said information was discovered from an old NBI record. It was reported that there is a similarity between the case of Bunevacz and Vhong and this is the angle that investigators are looking at that will supplement to the solution of the case.

There is no clear answer with regards to the relationship status of Deniece and Cedric. And the issue between David and Cedric may help the investigators solve the issue and give way to justice.

Cedric Lee have Criminal Record in NBI

David Bunevacz is a famous track and field athlete and businessman nowadays and there is an angle they are looking at with regards to this since both Lee and Bunevacz are businessmen.

It is questionable nowadays whether Cedric and Deniece are merely friends of what. This is big question that needs an answer.

This may be tough for the NBI to investigate and the entire country is looking forward to the results of the investigation. The truth may come out soon!

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