Wings are one of the most favorite parts of the chicken. This is because of the taste and excitement of devouring it when cooked. Though there are so many commercialized foods with the involvement of chicken wings, we often tend to neglect some issues with regards to chicken wings due to the fact that we simply love eating – and no one could ever stop us from our habit. The fact is, me too, loves chicken wings. Let me just tell you a story about what happened to someone who ate lots of chicken wings – let’s say, she made it a habit.

There was a woman who had a womb increasing in size and painful. Because of that she consulted her gynecologist to do something about it. She underwent operation to remove a cyst in her womb. The cyst was filled with black substance which was the accumulated thick blood. After the operation, she thought that everything was okay, but she was wrong. There were reactions after the operation.  

She then had a consultation and she was asked if she was fond of eating chicken wings and she affirmed that question. The doctor then explained to her that chicken wings are harmful to the body because of the presence of steroid on them. Most commercialized chicken in order to hasten growth and increase in stocks are injected with steroid. And the parts where they are mostly injected are at the neck or wings. It means to say that there is a higher concentration of steroid in this area of the chicken. So, as much as possible, it is wise to avoid eating chicken wings.

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